Some articles build on each other. This page groupes some articles together and/or provides a reading order. As they are grouped by context, some pages can appear multiple times in different categories.


Basic Functional Toolset

  1. Function Application and Composition
  2. Understanding map
  3. Understanding apply
  4. Understanding bind
  5. Sequence and Traverse


Fold (Catamorphism)

  1. Understanding fold
  2. Algebraic Data-Types
  3. From mutable loops to immutability
  4. Continuations and foldBack
  5. CPS Fold – fold with early exit
  6. Catamorphisms

Null / Optionals

  1. Null is evil
  2. Optionals
  3. The Option Module

Structured programming

  1. Structured Programming
  2. Applying Structured Programming


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